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TagNet Integration Model

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Integration Models

TagNet has the ability to pass RFID event data to subscribing systems in real-time, near real-time or batch transactions. This provides flexibility to adapt to what works best for a given customer enterprise and their security policies.  Shown below is a big picture overview of the TagNet system and its integration capabilities.


1) Populating TagNet with Customer Object Data


Data coming into TagNet to support object mapping (e.g. Product or Asset profiles) is done via a number of published 'flat file' interfaces. These XLS or CSV files are placed in import folders and TagNet will poll those based on its Task Scheduler and execute the appropriate import Bindings.


2) Mapping RFID Tags to Customer Object Data


When RFID tags are printed (aka SmartLabels) referred to as tag Commissioning, TagNet utilizes the Bartender Labelware platform as the integration point to provide TagNet the TagID (aka EPC) to Object ID Mappings. This could be Item/Part/Product numbers or serialized assets, etc. If the Tags are rigid tags that do not go through a printer, this Tag Commissioning is done via a handheld reader or a fixed reader/antenna. When the Tag is read at any downstream read zone, TagNet can then associate the read event with meaningful object attributes from the mapped Product or Asset Identifier. This suffices business rule filtering and Event Visualization.


3) Integrating RFID Event Data with Customer Systems


Event data is stored and maintained in TagNet as both low level tag logging as well as at the resulting business event. Most TagNet customers subscribe to higher order business events such as Inventory transactions when a given tagged object moves from Location A to Location B. This is facilitated via a synchronous data exchange utilizing a number industry standard protocols as described below. At the lowest common denominator, simple CSV flat files can be extracted to a given shared folder at intervals defined by the Scheduled Task Manager.












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