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Import Tag Inventory Location

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Import Tag Inventory Location Data

The utility function enables Tag Location data to be imported into TagNet’s Object repository from an external Inventory or Asset management system that currently has RFID associations. The file format is a simple XLS or CSV flat file that is populated according to mapping standards documented here.  The Import is based on the RFDIINV binding that needs to be setup prior. Note that this utility is meant for a one time or occasional import. To import Tag Mapping data on a production basis from a 3rd party system refer to the Scheduled Tasks topic.

File to Process

The location of the Tag Inventory Import file as defined in the RFDIINV BInding


Data Format

The File type of the source Tag Mapping import file, either CSV or XLS


Rename File As

Renames the source import file into the directory specified


Excel Sheet Name

The excel sheet name when XLS source file specified


Generate Audit File

The name and location of the audit file generated. This should be checked for any errors when the Import is complete.


Audit File Format

The file format of the Audit file (always CSV).



Click this button to submit the Import Job. This could take some time to process based on the volume of data to import.





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