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Inventory Type

The Inventory Type module allows the creation of user-defined labels that can be associated with a product in the product maintenance screen which in turn can be used as a filter value in hunt rules. This enables “groupings” of like items under a type for easier hunt rule implementation. This allows the user to create different levels of finished goods, raw materials or WIP items based on their characteristics. For instance, you may have “Frozen Goods” and “Finished Goods”, hunt rules can then be set up so that Inventory Type “Frozen Goods” must go to a freezer location (as defined in the Location Setup).

Inventory Type

The user defined alpha-numeric designation for a product grouping. Note the 'LOC' value stands for Location and is used to categorize Location Tags for Physical Inventory.



Adds the Inventory Type value in Ref #1 above



Resets the entry fields to blanks   


Action Links

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Removes the Inventory Type from the system



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