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Location Matrix Setup

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Location Setup

Since no two organizations have the same location schemas, there is a need to create a location schema that is tailor made to their environment. This function allows the user to create a hierarchical location schema for warehousing as well as general inventory & asset management.

With respect to warehousing, the location schema includes a location capacity feature which is reflected in the hunt rules logic (outlined in the Hunt Rules Section). This is also the foundation for the directed PICK, PUT and MOVE operations supported by the TagTrack Lift Truck application.

Primary Location

The user defined designation of the top level of the location schema. This typically represents the enterprise level (e.g. Company name) however can represent anything from a facility to a specific warehouse



The meaningful description of the Primary Location


Number of Levels

This dropdown is how many levels you would like to make in the location matrix (up to 4)



Enables creating of new Location schema shell



Clicking this button will clear in the input fields and reposition the list to the first alphabetical schema


Location Profile

This list entry indicates an occurrence of an Location matrix Schema. Use the Action links to further define its properties.

In the description area, below the Primary Location name, are the names of the Levels. Clicking on any of the level name hyperlinks will bring you to the Location setup page where unique locations can be created for that level


Action Links

These hyper-links perform the following functions (click each one to jump to that section)



Sets the names of the levels configured


Change properties for a given Primary Location schema


Removes the Location Schema from the system


Creates level relationships based on the selected location levels


Removes all the level relationships for the given Primary Location


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