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Scheduled Task (Copy)

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Copy a Scheduled Task


The purpose of this function is to allow you to create a new schedule for a given Task. Note: When a Copy action is taken it invokes an Add with the values copied from the source Task.

Task Name

The Task Name defaulted by the copy action and can be changed to the users liking



The Task Description as the copy action and can be changed to the users liking


Event Binding ID

The Binding ID the Task is based upon. This is selectable from a dropdown of all the Binding Definitions setup in TagNet. If the Binding variation is not there then it has to be setup prior to defining the task.



The frequency in submitting task events. This would be either Daily or Weekly


Days of the Week

Those days of the week you wish to run the Task (enable checkbox for each day)


Schedule From

The time (24hr clock) that the Task should begin executing


Schedule To

The time (24hr clock) that the Task should cease executing



The time period interval that the Task is submitted within the Schedule From/To times



That Run status of the Task; Active (will initiate if the Event Monitor is started or by using the Run link), Inactive (is ignored by the Event Monitor and the Run link) or Manual (Event Monitor will ignore but can be started manually using the Run link).



Process Name

The Internal Process name as defined by TagNet (not relevant to user and non changeable)


Function Name

The Internal Function name as defined by TagNet (non changeable)


Job Name

The Job Name associated with Task when when executing this task


Last Run Time

The Last time the Task was run



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