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Schedule (Add / Copy)

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Add a new Reader Schedule


The purpose of this function is to allow you to create a new schedule for the selected Reader location.

Reader Location ID

Attributes of the Parent Reader Location



The time period in which the Reader will be ‘listening’ for RFID events. This would be either daily or weekly


Days of the Week

Those days of the week you wish to run


Schedule From

The time (24hr clock) that the Reader location should be listening


Schedule To

The time (24hr clock) that the Reader location should finish listening



The time period interval that the Subscription Monitor stops the current schedule and starts another one. Any Async Binding as executed.



The description of the schedule assigned by the user



The current status of the Schedule.

Active – will initiate if the Event Monitor is started or by using the Run link

Inactive – is ignored by the Event Monitor and the Run link

Manual - Event Monitor will ignore but can be started manually using the Run link.


Note: For SRC installations set the Status to 'Manual' as the SRC is controlling the reader and not the Server based Event Monitor.




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