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Employee Badge

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Employee Badge Attributes for a Physical Reader Profile

This attribute group enables changing/updating values specific to Employee Badge association with Tag Read Events as described below:

Log Employee Badge

Logs the Employee read event in RFDBDGLS with date/time last seen along with the date/time it will expire based on the Employee Badge Duration below. Binding function RFDPEVG can mark all IMOVE transactions with the most current employee badge.


Employee Badge Duration (min)

The length of time (in minutes) the employee badge is valid before it expires. Duration can have a decimal point (0.09 x 60 = 5.4 ~ 5 seconds) but no rounding. This affects the association of that Badge with Asset or Product tag events that occur when the Badge duration is current.


Employee Badge Option

The read point level that is used. Values of 'Location', 'Reader', or 'Read Point'

Location = any enabled antenna for any physical reader as part of the logical reader location

Reader = any enabled antenna for this physical reader

Read Point - the specific enabled antenna for this physical reader named as 'Badge'


Exclude from Tag Activity

If *CURRENT specified, the tag will omitted from Tag activity to reduce file logging sizes


Employee Badge Refresh (sec)

The duration of time before the employee tag is pushed to the PEV


Use Employee Badge Antenna

When using a specific antenna to capture the employee badge antenna, this value s set to *YES. Note: the antenna location or RSSI zone description must be named 'Badge'.


Employee Badge Prefix

Specifies the TagID prefix of the Employee Badges. This dictates whether the TagID is recognized and logged as a Employee Badge Tag.


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