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Logical Reader (Change)

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Change a Logical Reader Profile

The purpose of this function is to allow you to change any attributes of an existing Logical Reader.

Location ID

The Logical Reader ID assigned by the end user


Location Description

The description of the Logical Reader assigned by the end user



The alias used by subscribing systems (such as a WMS) that would use this match against existing locations in that system. This value is passed to that system so it can determine how to evaluate that tag event.


Event Viewer

Instructs Binding where to send event data for visualization. Displays a Dropdown of IP Translation addresses that are linked together by logical group, When using the PEVG Binding, you must always select the parent group level as shown.



The current status of the Logical Reader (Active or Inactive).  Note: If Status is Inactive it will not show up in the Event Subscription list.


Physical Readers Assigned

Placing a sequence number beside a given physical reader profile will assign it to that logical reader. The sequence numbers are arbitrary and are used to visually sequence by whatever order makes sense to user. Whether one is in front or behind the other does not affect downstream logic. There is no limit to the number of Physical Readers that can be assigned to a Logical Reader.



Updates any entered changes and returns the user back to the main Logical Reader list page


Does not update any changes and returns to the main Logical Reader list page.





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