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View a User Profile

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View a User Profile

User Name

The name used to log in to the TagNet system


User Description

Detailed description of the user


Email Address

The user’s or group email address


Alternate User Name

This refers to the user’s network profile as defined in the Active Directory when using SSO (Single Sign On) support.


Inherit Permissions

If populated, User inherits permissions from the User or Role specified



Dictates whether user has full access to the TagNet system. Note: if this is not enabled a given user cannot create or edit any object profile.


Allow User Access Update

Dictates as to whether user can update their own profile as opposed to view only


Allow to Interrogate Reader

Dictates as to whether that user profile can execute the ‘Interrogate Reader’ feature which tests communications and read/write capabilities to defined Physical readers.


User Created Date & Time

The timestamp of when the User Profile was created


User Created By

The user profile that created this profile


Last Visit Date & Time

The timestamp of the last time User Profile was accessed



The status of User Profile (Active or Inactive)


User UDA

Any special UDA's that enable permissions or otherwise will be listed here


Cancel Changes

Returns to the main User list




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