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Outbound Transaction Settings

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Outbound Transaction Settings

This function enables changing/updating values specific to Outbound Transaction Settings:

Endpoint Timeout (ms)

The timeout value in milliseconds when making outbound HTTP requests


Process Delay Time (ms)

The time in milliseconds that determines how long the processing job must wait before evaluating a transaction after it occurs.


Queue Retention (days)

The number of days that transactions will remain in the queue (processed and unprocessed). This purge is done dynamically each time the job is run.


Error Recovery Attempts

The maximum number of attempts made to send a transaction to an Endpoint if the request fails


Enable Badge Association

Determines whether to associate any badge tags seen during the read event cycle. When enabled, RFDPHLOG (Tag Logging) is mined for any badge tags there were in a particular location when a transaction occurred


Badge Log Time Offset (ms)

The time in milliseconds that determines how long the processing job must wait before looking for Badge tag read events to associate with transactions. This should be set 2x the duration of the read cycles for each trailer SRC with some additional buffer time. For example, if the read cycle time is 120 seconds then this setting should be 250 seconds.


Enable Pattern Matching

When Enabled Outbound Transaction Rules will use regex patterns to match with transaction. This allows for a match to be made based on all location levels of the transaction. If this is Disabled only the last location can be used for a literal string match.


Email Alert Group

This selection determines which Email Group will receive email alerts detailing any Endpoint communication errors.



Save Button commits changes to the Settings


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