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Edit Mobile profile

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Edit Mobile Profile

This function enables changing/updating values specific to a Mobile Device profile. This is used when the device is provisioned for the first time. Once this is created a 2D barcode can be generated whereas the mobile device can simply scan it to get the TagNet Mobile application operational on the device.

Profile Name

The device name as defined by the TagNet administrator. It can reflect the role of the device, where it is being deployed and/or who it is being assigned to it.


TagNet Server

Enter the TagNet Server Domain or IP address.


Server Timeout

This value specifies the timeout period when attempting to establish a connected with the TagNet Server. The value should not be very low or TM will timeout when attempting to perform actions with the server. A good starting point is 30 seconds.


Send Device ID?

This enables sending the device ID so that read events can be logged (just like a fixed reader) as well as invoking server based Bindings.


Device ID

The unique Device ID as assigned by the Administrator. This is used solely to map to a Physical Reader profile and thus cannot be more then (10) characters. For best practices this value should be unique as to separate the logging between devices. One approach is to use first (5) and last (5) digits of the device serial number to maintain absolute uniqueness. The reader profile must be setup with this identifier in the Device ID field.


Use Part ID?

If enabled, will display the secondary 'Part ID' as defined in the TagNet Product Master, otherwise it will show the default GTIN.


Allow Product Commissioning?

If enabled, will allow the user to commission tags to a Product Object.


Allow Asset Commissioning?

If enabled, will allow the user to commission tags to an Asset Object.


Allow Employee Commissioning

If enabled, will allow the user to commission tags to an Employee Object.


Allow Location Commissioning

If enabled, will allow the user to commission tags to an Location Tag Object.


Commission Tags to Inventory?

If enabled, will allow the user to place commissioned tags into TagNet Inventory


RF Attenuation

Specifies the default attenuation as a percentage of output power (0-100) from where the user can start with. It can be easily changed with slider control from main TM screen.


Encode When Commissioning?

If enabled, will allow the user to actually encode the TagID (aka the EPC) during the Commissioning operation. This is normally done when the tags have not been serialized from the tag vendor.


Enable Encoding Toggle?

If enabled, will either allow not allow the user to override their encoding privileges. ** FUTURE OPTION **


Commissioning Counter

This links the Mobile Profile with a TagID Commissioning counter. One must be selected in case that feature is enabled now or in the future.


Save Profile

Clicking the [Save] button will save all changes made to the device profile.



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