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Configuration Audits

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TagNet Configuration Audits


This function shows all the before/after values when making changes to Physical Reader Properties or anything related to Event Subscription setup. This can become extremely valuable information when implementing further tuning changes after initial implementation or chasing down why read events that worked before are no longer giving the same results. 



The Source of where the change originated, listed below are the key data sets:

RFDPHRDR are the basic Physical Reader property values displayed above the blue line

RFDPARM are the remainder (and the bulk) of Physical Reader property values

RFDLOSCR is the Reader Schedule script

RFDLORDR is the Logical Reader properties

RFDLOBND is the Reader Schedule Binding properties

RFDLOFLT is the Reader Schedule Filters associated with Schedule Bindings



The Physical Reader name



The name of the Reader field label or the Property component. Note: this can be somewhat cryptic so this audit needs to be interrupted by someone who has had some mentoring by Stratum



The Action taken, either Insert, Update or Delete


New Value

The new or initial value entered


Old Value

The old value


Audit Time

The time the change took place


Action Links

These hyperlinks perform the following functions:



Enables viewing mode only of the Audit row



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