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Item Location Maintenance

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Item Location Maintenance   

The Inventory Location Maintenance function allows the user to modify or create new Tag Location Inventory. This function is very similar to the Inventory Inquiry only that it allows the maintenance capability. Note that this is here for ad-hoc maintenance and corrections only, you should be using the AssetTrack modules or fixed readers and IMVOE rules to maintain your RFID inventory.


This displays a dropdown of Primary locations setup in TagNet (This is the top level of the location hierarchy). Each Location hierarchy can have anywhere from 1-4 lower levels. With a given Primary selected, it will display the first page of RFID tag inventory as well as auto build the selections for Level 2.


Location Levels

When a primary location is chosen from dropdown, it will build the subsequent level 1 dropdown, and as this it selected the level 2 dropdown will be populated and so on until the level of location granularity is achieved as shown below.



Alternatively, the RFID inventory can be searched by entering various search criteria in the Item input box and selecting the search method as listed below: 

GTIN:    Entering a Product GTIN (or any words in the detailed description) will bring up a list of tags (if matches are found) and their respective inventory locations

Tag:      Entering a full or partial Tag ID (starts with) will bring up a list of tags (if matches are found) and their respective inventory locations


Item Search Selection

Select the correct radio button to match the search value entered above.



Used in conjunction with Item Search, once a search value is entered clicking this will start the search. Also note that the [Enter] key is mapped to the search button and this can be used to avoid using the mouse to select.


Proceeds forward to the next page of results


Enables creating of a new RFID location Inventory record



Clears all input fields and repositions the list the beginning

RFID Inventory

This displays all the relevant Object Information for each inventoried tag as described below:

Tag ID – The RFID tag associated with the container at that location

Location – The current inventory location (Levels 1 to 4 can be populated based on the configuration of that primary location matrix)

Object – The object type (Product, Asset, Location or Employee) of the inventoried tag

Object ID – The object ID (Item Number, Asset ID, Employee ID) of the inventoried tag

Object description - The item name for that GTIN. Note: this is the short description and not the longer detailed description

Tag Qty- The qty associated with that tag, typically this would be '1' for a capital asset however it could represent the piece count of a kit/bundle. Length for cable/wire reels, or the weight of a given container.


RFID Inventory

These hyper-links perform the following functions (click each one to jump to that section)


Change properties for a Item Location record


Copy an existing Item Location record as a quick way to create a similar record


Removes the Item Location record from the system


Allows inquiry mode only on the Item Location record


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