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Lot Status Master

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Lot Status Maintenance

Different warehousing situations call for different levels of control of product. This module allows the user to create Lot Statuses that can be used to signify the usage status of a particular container. This status can be used to indicate the product is on hold, in quarantine, or any other organization specific state that may be needed.

Lot Status

Enter a single Alpha-Numeric character designation used to reference the Lot status



The user defined description of the Lot status


Lot Status Hold

This dropdown is used to designate if the Tagged inventory with this status is “On Hold” which makes it invisible to pick operations.



Enables creating of a new Lot status code



Clears all input fields and repositions the list the beginning

Lot Status Row

This displays all the relevant Object Information for each Lot status record


RFID Inventory

These hyper-links perform the following functions (click each one to jump to that section)


Change properties for a Lot status record


Removes the Lot status record from the system


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