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Camera Support

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Camera Support for a Physical Reader Profile

This attribute group enables changing/updating values specific to GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) as well as performance features as described below

Enable Image Capture

A value of *YES indicates that image requests will be made to the camera configured below only if the IMOVE binding (PEVG) is associated with the Subscription associated with that reader.


Device IP Address

The IP address and port of the Camera associated with this Reader (e.g. Note: be sure to include the port :80 at the end of the address.


Device URI

The string that evokes the Camera image capture function.

For the Axis JPEG value = [/axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?resolution=640x480]

For the Axis MJPEG value = [/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?resolution=320x240&compression=25&camera=1]


Device User Name

The user for remote camera login [e.g. 'root' for Axis]


Device User Password

The password for remote login [e.g. 'pass' for Axis]


Image File Format

Supported values are picture (JPEG) or movie clips (MJPEG)


Stream Duration (msec)

When using MJPEG format, specify the duration of movie clip to capture when triggered (e.g. 4000).


Stream Playback Delay (msec)

This value dictates the delay so as to slow down the playback of the MJPG recording. An example of the playback is URL is listed below:

http://localhost/TagNet/StreamMJPG.aspx?file=[File name]&[delay=value]&[date=value Required?]


Note: this requires installing the stream_mjpeg package (stream_mjpeg.htm, StreamMJPG.aspx)


Image Resolution

Select the desired resolution from dropdown (e.g. 640x480) when viewing the captured picture or video in browser window. Note: the higher the resolution the more system overhead in rendering the stored object.


Start Capture at Event Cycle

A value of *YES indicates that image capture will be made at the beginning of the read event cycle (as opposed to the end if using *NO). Use in conjunction with Delay parameter below. Note: a job is submitted to do this in the background while tags are being read.


Device Trigger

Specifying a value from the dropdown indicates that when this trigger condition is met (not the same trigger that starts the read cycle), the image capture will take place immediately as long as it happens before the ‘delay capture’ value (described below) runs down. In other words, if the trigger does not occur before the delay image time period expires, no image will be taken. This configuration prevents redundant images from being taken if portal is falsely triggered and no person passes through the threshold. 


Delay Image Capture (msec)

When used in conjunction with ‘Start Capture at Event Cycle’, enables a delay so the image is taken right during the sweet spot of asset moving through portal. Note: do not set a delay greater than the read event cycle.


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