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Filter (Add)

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Add a new Event Filter


The purpose of this function is to allow you to create a new Event Filter.


Event Filter ID

Enter the the Filter ID and description


Filter Keyword

The first Filter expression must be entered to create a new Filter ID.  Enter the Object data element that will be the basis for comparison



Basic Boolean Operators (*EQ, *NE, *GT, *GE, *LT, *LE, *START, *LIKE).

*EQ – Equal to

*NE – Not Equal to

*GT – Greater Than

*GE – Greater Than or Equal To

*LT – Less Than

*LE – Less Than or Equal To

*START – Starts With

*LIKE – The value is contained somewhere in the field


Filter Value

The comparison value associated with the Boolean condition



Creates the Filter definition


Returns to the main Event Filter list, no updates are saved



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