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PI Transfer Movement Rule

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Inventory Movement Rules for Physical Inventory

During the Physical Inventory Commit process from Tagnet Mobile Physical Inventory on handheld, any "expected" tag inventory "Not Found" in the location selected will be removed from inventory completely. For those companies that wish to move those "Not Found" tags to a reconciliation location for further analysis, there an IMOVE rule that supports

Firstly, a dummy logical reader location of ‘PI_TRANSFER’ needs to be setup as shown in the example below. Note that a physical reader does not have to be associated.


Secondly, an IMOVE rule needs to be setup as shown in the example below. Note that the movement code can be named anything but the ‘From location;’ must refer to PI_TRANSFER. During the Commit update, the logic will search for any IMOVE rules referring to PI_Transfer, if the ‘From Location’ matches then it will be executed.


Once the Commit is finished, looking in Inventory Inquiry will show a (-) transaction from the expected location of Tag and a (+) transaction to the target IMOVE location. This inventory should be cleared out on a regular basis once the reconciliation is done.

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