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Binding Function



Binding ID



Binding Description

Capture Badge ID with IMOVE



This Binding is a variant of the RFDPEVG generic binding however has special logic for associating the Employee Badge with Material transaction.


Collects whatever tags are seen during a read event cycle at a given RFID portal and performs the following logic:

Processes IMOVE rules is so specified in Binding properties and automatically transfers inventory from location A to Location B. Sends out email if IMOVE has [EMAIL] keyword anywhere in description.

If Employee badge tag seen during event cycle, updates LOCIH transactions determined by employee trade (FIS or ePlus Customer Employee) and transaction type (consumption, receipt or adjustment).

Processes TMOVE rules is so specified in Binding properties and updates base logging (PHLOG)

Supports full GPIO script as a result of standard MATCH / NOMATCH/ NOTAG variables.

Resolves each tag to its mapped object attributes (Product, Asset, or Person) and pushes them in real time to the PEV display Client.

Supports Binding Email Exceptions



None identified

Files Updated

RFDTGMAP (Mapping) and RFDLOCIN (Tag Inventory)



Program Name


Binding Setup

Binding Properties

Email Notification

The email address to send binding specific alerts. Note: This overrides the default SMTP Recipient value under System Settings


Inventory Movement Rules

Dwell prevents the tag from being sent again until the time value expires.  Refer to the the Binding Change for detailed explanations of this directive.





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