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Smart Reader Client

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Smart Reader Client Setup for a Physical Reader Profile

This attribute group enables changing/updating values specific to Smart Reader Client (SRC) as described below. Currently, the following reader platforms are supported for the SRC;  Zebra FX755/9600, Impinj R420, Thingmagic Sargas.

Smart Reader Client

A value of *YES indicates that SRC functionality is enabled with that reader.


Smart Reader Client Interval (sec)

Enter in a push interval in the Smart Client Interval box. This is only applicable for DRO otherwise the read event cycle dictates the push interval to server. Also note for a triggered read point this should always be set to 0.


Remote Server

Enter in your external TagNet server IP address.  This value must be prefixed with http://.  For example,


User Name

Optional: For HTTPS


User Password

Optional: For HTTPS


User Authentication

Optional: For HTTPS


Certificate Keystore

Optional: For HTTPS


Time Zone

Select a Time Zone from the drop down based on the time zone of where the reader is located. This is only used when the SRC host is using UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). The drop down value will convert the read events into the Server Time zone of choice. If left blank Read event timestamps will use the local time of the SRC host platform. If using the Outbound Queue feature, Delayed Movement Rule times may not function correctly if there is a difference between SRC event time zone and Server time zone.


Reader Update Frequency

This determines how often the SRC will pickup Server profile changes. Values are either Daily or Schedule.


Last Activity Interval (Min)

This value dictates how often the SRC heartbeat value should be updated if there is no Tag read event activity. This value can be viewed in the reader advanced settings group


Force Restart

This value dictates if the Reader should be rebooted if any configuration changes are made. It is advised to set this to *NO when doing initial setup and tuning.


Allow Payload Without Tags

When enabled this will generate an empty XML payload back to server if even no tags were seen in that Event Cycle. Note: this will only function when Reader is triggered as this feature would otherwise flood the Queue folder with blank payloads.


Smart Client Data Folder

The queue folder path where SRC read events (XML format) are written to. Note this needs to created in the \Smart Reader Client\base\ subfolder. There is a service that monitors this folder and sends the XML docs to the remote TagNet server as specified above. Note: Change the owner and permission so that a file can be created, renamed and deleted within that folder.


Smart Client Data Storage

When setting value to 'Local' the SRC queue folder is not processed by the Smart Reader Client Service and read events remain local (e.g. for the SRC agent or other applications).


Smart Client Listener

This feature enables the SRC to gracefully release the reader from any LLRP directives before itself shutting down.


Smart Client Listener Port

The default Port using in conjunction with the Listener feature above.


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