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Physical Reader Profile (Interrogate)

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Interrogate a Physical Reader Profile

This action link enables viewing of Reader Profile attributes that control the behavior of the reader under TagNet control.

Interrogate Options

Enables a list of interrogate actions that can be performed in conjunction with other parameters.


CLEAR  clears any residual data that might remain in the reader buffer

READ  initiates a read event cycle

WRITE  writes the user data to any tags in the RF field and displays.

VERSION displays the firmware version of the Physical Reader. This is a very basic check to see if TagNet can ‘talk’ to the Reader.

RELEASE will instruct the Reader Event Monitor to ‘release’ the reader so it can be used by other jobs.


Input for write test

Enables  a  value  to  be  entered  and  subsequently written to the tags EPC (identified in the list from READ action) when using the ‘WRITE’ command.



This evokes the action selection in the Option dropdown box



Returns to the main Reader list


GPIO Output

Enables the GPIO port to be tested. This dropdown only displays if “Use External GPIO = YES” or the  Reader  Model  has  IO  Control  capability  (which  is currently not displayed in Physical Reader profile but will be in future release).






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