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Product Master Maintenance   

This function enables the setup of Product definitions (aka Item # or Part #) for RFID inventory management and as the base Item foundation for Asset management. For example; an Item that is manufactured, resold or consumed. For Manufacturers Products can represent Raw Material, WIP or Finished Goods.

The term GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is used for the unique identification of trade items worldwide within the GS1 System. If you are a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or anywhere else in the supply chain, you would already be using this GTIN schema as part of Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). The Electronic Product Code (EPC) supports a number of object schema's one of the most popular being the serialized GTIN which represents an instance of a given tagged trade item in the supply chain. This would typically be a case, carton, pallet, etc.

In the TagNet system the GTIN is synonymous with a Product, Item or Part master identifier. 

When an RFID tag is read within a TagNet portal where it references that GTIN, either by EPC encoding or direct mapping, the associated GTIN information (up to 190 attributes) can be made available for display or filtering. Those customers that are not using TagNet as part of an EPC compliancy solution, such as a closed loop object tracking or asset management system, will only need to use specific fields within the GTIN Product Master to identify their objects.

Prerequisite tables to setup before adding a Product/Item profile are as follows:

1.Create a default Category Code

2.Create a default Inventory Type

Position to

The Global Trade Item Number as assigned. Note: this is the primary object Identifier and can be any internally assigned Product number up to 14 characters long.

Entering a partial or full GTIN (starting from left to right) will display those matches in the list


Next Page

Pages forward to the next page



Enables creating of new Product Master record



Clicking this button will refresh the page and reposition the list to the first alphabetical GTIN


Product Profile

This list entry indicates an occurrence of an Product Master definition

GTIN: – The Global Trade Item Number assigned. Note: this is the primary object Identifier and can be any internally assigned Product number up to 14 characters long.

Part ID: – The Internal ERP Item number assigned to the object

Item Name: – The short description for the object

Description: – The detailed (or long) description for the object

Image: – The rendered image associated with that object


Action Links

These hyper-links perform the following functions (click each one to jump to that section)



Change properties for a given Product Master record


Copy an existing Product Master record as a quick way to create a similar profile


Removes the Product Master record from the system


Allows inquiry mode only on the Product Master record


Enables Linking Parent / Child associations for kitting or other purposes


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