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Tag Aggregation


This function allows you to change settings that control the behavior of the Commission/Map function. Shown below are settings specific for Aggregation mode of operation: 


Tag Reader ID

The Physical Reader as previously defined in the Reader Management



This is a logical grouping number that can define such things as Pallet ID, Container ID, Serialization, document ID, Case or box number, etc. ** only used for


Item Number

The default Item Number to be used


Item Serial Number

The Item Serial Number key as setup in Serial Number Maintenance, This defines the number stream.


Tag ID Prefix

The desired Prefix for the EPC (e.g. ABC). Note this must conform to hexadecimal encoding rules thus only values of A-F are allowed. so when using ABC as the Tag-ID prefix it would be encoded as 'ABC000000000000000002355'


There are (3) modes of operation as defined below:

Product Commissioning and Mapping - this enables mapping tags to base Items

Item (required)

Container (Optional)

Item Serial Number (required if commissioning tags)

Tag ID Prefix (Optional if commissioning tags)

Location (Optional)

Asset Commissioning and Mapping - this enables mapping tags to serialized Assets

Item (not required)

Item Serial Number (required if commissioning tags)

Tag ID Prefix (Optional only commissioning tags)

Location (Optional)

Tag Aggregation - this enables linking 'Child' tags to 'Parent' tags and optionally mapping & extracting the Child tags at the same time.

Parent Object Type (Required)

Parent Item or Parent Category (Required)

Event Binding ID (Optional: extracts the parent/child relationship for external system)

Map Unknown Tag (Optional)

Assigns a default Item number to the Child Tag (Item attribute in settings) and creates an inventory record for each Child defaulting from the current location of the parent Item

Updates TagNet with the Tag Mapping and inventory of the aggregated child tags. (Qty = ‘1’)

The Child Item will default its Item Number based on the SU Category so they are aligned. ** how do we know this is for Monsanto and to default child based on parent and not the Item setting?

Item (Required for Child tag when mapping unknown tags = YES)

Location (Optional)


Parent (Object Type)

The Parent as selected in dropdown (Asset, Product, GTIN). Note that if the Child tags are already mapped prior to aggregation, they cannot be the same Object Type as the Parent. For Example: if the child tags are 'Product' then the Parent needs to be 'GTIN.    used how? 


Parent (Item)

The Parent that is used for Tag Aggregation Mode. It also supports a wild card character (*) such as SU* or multiple items separated by a comma


Parent (Category Code)

The Parent Category that is used for Tag Aggregation Mode.


Event Binding ID

A Dropdown list of existing Bindings that is used for Tag Aggregation Mode. Currently there is one specific Binding Function (RFDEAGG) that currently performs the following:

a)Extracts the Parent/Child relationships to a CSV and places into a nominated folder for external system to import


Map Unknown Tag

Used when mapping items for Tag Aggregation Mode. Either YES or NO



Updates any changes and returns the user back to the main Commission/Map Function



Does not update any changes and returns to the main main Commission/Map Function


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