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Create a Physical Count Session

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Create a Manual Physical Count Session  ** delete this one as outdated?

This function supports the AssetTrack Physical Inventory (PI) Module and provides an enterprise view to what Physical count sessions have been created by various mobile devices and their current status.  It provides the ability for a given session to be viewed in detail and/or deleted at the Server level if the session was created by mistake.

PI can be run in either automated mode (initiated by the AssetTrack PI Module) or 'Manual' mode whereas a large yard or warehouse is being counted by multiple workers (using either RFID handhelds or RFID enabled Lift trucks). Note: Manual mode supports the location capacity feature in that tags that are in a 'ZZZ' generated location will be frozen in LOCPI without the 'ZZZ' lower level, however when counted in a location that is ZZZ enabled, the ZZZ level will be correctly incremented during the COMMIT operation. Additionally, the PI_TRANSFER IMOVE rule will also correctly increment the ZZZ lower level if the target location is capacity enabled.



This selects either open or closed count sessions, the choices are:

OPEN – Count Session has not yet been committed

CLOSED – Count Session has not yet been committed



Click this button to add a new Manual Count Session 



Clicking this button will refresh the page and reposition the list to the first alphabetical Count Session ID


Count Session

This list entry indicates an occurrence of a Count Session


Action Links

These hyper-links perform the following functions (click each one to jump to that section)



Change properties for the selected Count Session


Copy an existing Count Session as a quick way to create a similar profile


Removes the Count Session from the system


Allows inquiry mode only on the Count Session


Enables the full workflow activities with respect to the Count Session life cycle


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