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Binding Function



Binding ID



Binding Description

Fixed Reader Physical Inventory



This is generic Binding that posts a thin event payload to an HTTP endpoint. This can be used by customers to customize how they want to process the event payload. NO object resolution is performed here before send and is up to the Endpoint to resolve the Tags to their mappings. Note: this Binding has been superseded by the flexible RDDTAG binding that allows user to customize XML payload sent to endpoint.


Collects whatever tags are seen during a read event cycle from a given cabinet and performs the following logic:

Posts the XML payload to the endpoint, no IMOVE or PEV are supported



None identified

Files Updated




Program Name

URI set to RFDPOST along with endpoint path

Binding Setup

IP Address & URI

The IP address and the URI


Binding Properties

Email Notification

The email address to send binding specific alerts. Note: This overrides the default SMTP Recipient value under System Settings


Dwell Time

Dwell prevents the tag from being sent again until the time value expires.  Refer to the the Binding Change for detailed explanations of this directive.


Error Recovery Attempts

Refer to the the Binding Change for detailed explanations of each directive.



The below XML is sent to the Endpoint listener.



XML Schema



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<EventNotification xmlns:xalan="">




   <Tag TagID="00000000000000000000E9FE" Antenna="1"/>

   <Tag TagID="00000000000000000001F5D0" Antenna="2"/>

   <Tag TagID="00000000000000000001F65A" Antenna="3"/>

   <Tag TagID="00000000000000000001F65C" Antenna="4"/>

   <Tag TagID="00000000000000000001F66D" Antenna="4"/>





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