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Edit Smart Reader Client

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Edit Smart Reader Client

This edit action enables changing/updating of Alert levels associated with an SRC managed Reader Profile as described below:

SRC Name

The SRC Instance name as defined by the administrator. It should reflect the reader instance and not necessarily the deployed location.


SRC Description

A meaningful description representing the SRC Name above.


 Host Name

The SRC Host name where the SRC was installed. Note that is not changeable as it is defined by the SRC host OS.


Heartbeat Threshold

The Heartbeat time period in which the SRC Host will report on its status


Custom Java Arguments

This a feature to pass custom arguments to the SRC


Smart Reader Core Instances

The SRC Core instances assigned to this SRC Host. Note there can multiple SRC instances managing multiple readers from the same host. Also note that when a Core instance is added to SRC Host, it will automatically create an instance folder on that device.


Email Alert Group

The Email Alert group as defined to send out emails if the SRC heartbeat is overdue.


Request a Rebuild

Enabling this toggle button will rebuild the local [Smart Reader Client] sub-directory for this named instance (basically deletes %drive%:\Stratum Global\Smart Reader Client\core\? and copies in contents from %drive%::\Stratum Global\Smart Reader Client\core\src. This will then force a restart of the SRC to update the reader *.txt properties files to match the server values. Once this is complete the switch will be set back to [No Rebuild Requested] automatically.


** This feature is used for several reasons 1) to remove any stale XML read event docs in the queue folder or 2) if the named instance directory gets corrupt from a partial update due to unexpected machine shutdown or comms failure, and 3) to force new reader properties to take effect.


Remote Updates Disabled

This will prevent new SRC releases downloaded to the Extension Framework from updating this SRC instance.


SRC Enabled

This toggle button can either enable or disable the SRC by means of the local SRC Agent managing that SRC instance (when it reports in). This means that the remote SRC can be shutdown without having to access the SRC client computing device.



Saves any changed SRC settings.


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