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Outbound Transaction Rules

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Outbound Transaction Rules


This is where rules are defined that enable RFID inventory transactions to be posted to endpoints setup in the Outbound Transaction Endpoints. For each inventory transaction that is written to the Outbound Transaction Queue, a lookup is done here to see if the Source Status or Target Status of the transaction match with a rule. If there is a match, the endpoint that is linked with the rule is called along with data associated with the transaction.There are multiple methods to evaluate those matching conditions as described below:

1)Simple - comparing the last location level of where the RFID tag came from and where the it went to. For example; the rule in sequence 10 below will only match with an RFID tag that moved from INTRANSIT to INSTORAGE explicitly.

2)Wildcard - the special keyword *ANY can be used in the Source Status or Target Status field to indicate that the RFID movement can come from (or go to) any location and still match with a rule. For example, the rule in sequence 20 below will match with an RFID tag move that came from any location and went to the SCRAP location. Similarly, if RFID tagged material is moved from INSTORAGE to any other (*ANY) production locations it will make a match as shown in rule sequence 15.

3)All levels - rules can also match on all levels in the location matrix if delimited by '.' as shown in in rule sequence 25. In this example all levels are evaluated explicitly if the tag moves from YARD.ZONE.BIN01 to YARD.ZONE.PICKED

4)Expression Patterns - for more complex matching logic regex compliant expression patterns are supported that matches on either Source or Target levels. Rules in sequences 30, 35, & 40 show examples of these. For example, sequence 30 source indicates (a tag from any trailer) moved to (any other target plant (except 0956)) will make a match. Refer to the regex link above for this expression syntax.  This feature is enabled in Outbound Transaction Settings.

Note: Rules are all processed in the Sequence order and once a rule is matched with a transaction, no subsequent rules are evaluated.

Note2: if a rule is disabled, the endpoint will not be called and the transaction record will be marked indicating that. 


The sequence in which rules are processed against a transaction


Rule Name

The Rule Name as defined by the administrator


Source Status

The Source location of where the Tag Inventory was previously. This can either be the last level of the location matrix or a regex compliant expression pattern that matches against all (5) levels of the location matrix.


Target Status

The new (target) location where the Tag Inventory was moved to. This can either be the last level of the location matrix or a regex compliant expression pattern that matches against all (5) levels of the location matrix.


Reason Code

Optional Reason Code that may need to be sent in the payload to endpoint



Select the Checkbox to enable this Rule.


Action Links

These hyperlinks perform the following functions:



Enables editing of the Rule


Enables viewing mode only of the Rule


Enables deletion of the Rule



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