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Code Table Maintenance

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Code Table Maintenance

This is a universal function that can maintain both shipped code tables (such as company, trade, etc.) as well as User defined Object tables used in Inspection Reporting module. Shown below is the first step in selecting a code Table to work with.

Code Table Select

This dropdown displays all existing Code tables both pre-shipped and user defined


Code Table

To branch out and create a new logical Code Table, click this button




Maintaining Code Table Entries

Once a Code Table is selected, there are multiple actions that can be performed as shown below in next step.


Code Table

The Code Table selected from the dropdown

Code Description

The User defined Code value to either be added or changed for the Code Table selected above. Note: this also acts as the descriptor as well


Code Status

The current status of the Record, either Active or Inactive



This branches out to create a new Object Table



Enables adding a new Code Table value as entered in Ref #2



Clicking this button will reset the page and clear all previous input values


Code Table Entry

This list entry indicates an occurrence of a Code Table Entry


Action Links

These hyper-links perform the following functions (click each one to jump to that section)



Enables the Code Descriptor to be changed


Deletes the Code value from the table


Enables the entry of free-form notes for display in event viewer




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