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User Defined Attributes (UDA) Maintenance

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User Defined Attributes Maintenance

This function enables a TagNet customer to define their own unique attributes for association with Assets, Employees, Tag Inventory or Users. This extends the capability of the TagNet Repository to hold more associative information based on different industry data requirements.

Entity Name

The file object name this attribute refers to (RFDASSM, RFDEMPLM, RFDLOCIN or RFDUSER)


Search String Input

A search string can be entered here to list UDA's that meet that criteria


Search Button

Executes the Search with the string entered aboce


Group Names

Enables the grouping of UDA's for the purpose of integration to subscribing systems


Action Links

These hyper-links perform the following functions (click each one to jump to that section)


Change properties for a UDA Profile


Copy an existing UDA Profile as a quick way to create a similar profile


Removes the UDA profile from the system


Allows inquiry mode only on the UDA Profile

Group Names

Allows to group UDA's together for Bindings


Enables creation of new UDA profile (click button below to see page help)



Refreshes the current page


UDA Occurrence

This displays all the relevant Object Information for each UDA profile

Entity Name: – the file object name this attribute refers to (RFDASSM, RFDEMPLM, RFDLOCIN or RFDUSER)

Element Name: – The element (or attribute) name as defined by you

Type: – The type of attributes. Note: unless a starting serial number is entered this value will be zero.

Alphanumeric – field can hold both characters and numbers

Signed – number than can be either (+) or (–) values.

Element Length: – The maximum field size

Element Decimals: – The number of decimals associated with a packed or signed Element type

Entity Sequence: – The sequence in which this UDA will display in the UDA list when accessing maintaining Assets or Employees



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