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Commission a Location tag

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Commissioning Location Tags


Location Tags are invaluable when doing Physical Counts and warehouse inventory management to reduce the selection process and keystrokes on the mobile device. They are also used in the TagTrack module deployed in the RFID enabled lift truck module. Commissioning a Location tag can be done via any of the methods described in the how do I Commission RFID tags topic.  The only difference is the classification of Item Number the tag is mapped to and its location.


1.Setup an Inventory Type of ‘LOC’ – Object Maintenance, Inventory Type

2.Setup a Category code of LOCATION_TAG or anything you may have already – Object Maintenance, Category Code Maintenance

3.Setup a generic Location tag object definition (see example below) – Product Master Maintenance.

4.Map that tag to the GTIN Product number and put it in the location that it represents (e.g. Dock_Door_1 / ZONE_A, etc.)




Once you have commissioned your Location tags, check them in the Inventory Inquiry to ensure they are mapped to the correct locations.


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