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Add/Copy Hunt Rule

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Add/Copy a Hunt Rule

Hunt ID

This is the TagTrack Inventory Mode associated with hunt rule, the choices are:

MOVE – Where to relocate the item

PUT – Where to store the item

PICK – Where to get the item from



The numeric order the rules will be executed in, if the criteria in PUT Rule 1 is not applicable, PUT Rule 2 is executed and so on until a hunt rule criteria is met. For instance if Hunt Rule 1 said to put a particular item in location A10, but the location was full, the next Hunt Rule would be executed until the item could be put away. Note that TagTrack first determines if there are available spaces/slots in the target location first, before evaluating the hunt rules filter condition. This is done via the 'Capacity 'feature in the Location Setup.


Filter Keyword

This dropdown is populated with the Filter Values specified in the Filter Keyword screen. This is the field that the rule comparison is made on. Note: this DD is shared with Binding filters that are much more robust enabling multiple objects types (Product, Asset, Employee) whereas TT is only applicable to Products. Because of this not all Filter keywords are supported in the Hunt Rules.  Currently, the following Filters are supported: *GTIN, *ITEM, *ITEMNAME, *HEXVALUE, *BRANDNAME, *CATEGORY, *INVTYPE, *PRODTYPE, *RETAILPRC, *INFOGLN, *GROSSWT, *STATUS, *ASSETID, *SERIALNO,



Filter Value

This is the static data the Filter Keyword will be compared against. In this example the comparison is whether the GTIN = 'PES_004'



A user defined meaningful description of the hunt rule.


Primary Location

This is the primary location the hunt rule will work under. You will need to create Hunt Rules for each of your Primary Locations


Location Levels

This is the location to use (Levels 1-4) when the Filter Keyword and Filter value criteria match



This button submits the new Hunt Rule to added


Cancel Changes

Cancels any changes made and returns to the main Hunt Rule list



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