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Location Hunt Rules

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Hunt Rules Maintenance

Hunt rules are the criteria used for directed picks, puts and moves when using the TagTrack module for RFID enabled Lift Trucks. Hunt rules allow you to specify where an item should be retrieved from (picked), stored (put) or relocated to (move) based on filter keyword values. You can have multiple hunt rules for a particular item(s). The rules will be executed in sequence order until a matching condition is found. Note that Hunt rules use a Capacity Feature that must be specified in the Location Matrix setup otherwise the Hunt Rule will be bypassed.


This is the TagTrack Inventory Mode associated with hunt rule, the choices are:

MOVE – Where to relocate the item

PUT – Where to store the item

PICK – Where to get the item from



Click this button to initiate a search based on the selected Mode.



Click this button to add a new Hunt Rule.



Clicking this button will refresh the page and reposition the list to the first alphabetical Hunt Rule ID


Hunt Rule

This list entry indicates an occurrence of a Hunt Rule


Action Links

These hyper-links perform the following functions (click each one to jump to that section)



Change properties for a given Hunt Rule


Copy an existing Hunt Rule as a quick way to create a similar rule


Removes the Hunt Rule from the system


Allows inquiry mode only on the Hunt Rule



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