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Change Location

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Change Location


This function enables changing of the Level Location description and Capacity.

Primary Location

The user defined designation of the top level of the location schema. This typically represents the enterprise level (e.g. Company name) however can represent anything from a facility to a specific warehouse


Selected Level

The level selected to maintain locations


Level Code

The Level Code selected for change



The Level Code description



The default number of containers (e.g. pallets, bins, totes, etc.) that can physically reside in that location. This input field is only enabled on the last level in the location matrix as long it does not exceed Level 3 (Level 4 is reserved for the ZZZ level generation). Note1: if generating multiple location ranges a default value can be entered and exceptions can be overridden using the change link. Note2: The Capacity feature is only used in TagTrack Lift module for warehouse management and should not be used for general asset management.




Updates any changes made to Description or Capacity



Cancels any changes made and returns to the main Level Values list



Returns to the main Location Level list


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