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Location Setup - Level Values

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Location Setup - Level Values

When a given Level link is chosen from the main Location Setup list, the user can generate multiple locations within that level. In the example below by keying in a location range and description, this can generate multiple sequential locations within ROOM.


Primary Location

The user defined designation of the top level of the location schema. This typically represents the enterprise level (e.g. Company name) however can represent anything from a facility to a specific warehouse


Selected Level

The level selected to maintain locations


Level Code

Enter a single value or range of values to generate Level Codes and then click the [Add] button. NOTE: if going from a single digit level code (e.g. A1) to a multi-digit level code (e.g.A15) the level code creation MUST be broken into two operations. Create Level Code A1 up to A9 then create level code A10 up to A15. Do not use spaces or any other non-alpha-numeric characters. Only letters A-Z and numbers 0-9.


Level Code Description

Enter the generic name such as Room, Bin, Row etc, and the level code [Add] operation will append the variable number to the description.


Note: In addition to the location description a special keyword of [Restricted] can be entered that will prevent any tagged item in that location from being moved 'From' its current location via the IMOVE rules.





The default number of containers (e.g. pallets, bins, totes, etc.) that can physically reside in that location. This input field is only enabled on the last level in the location matrix as long it does not exceed Level 3 (Level 4 is reserved for the ZZZ level generation). Note1: if generating multiple location ranges a default value can be entered and exceptions can be overridden using the change link. Note2: The Capacity feature is only used in TagTrack Lift module for warehouse management and should not be used for general asset management.



Enables creating of new Level Code or a range of Level Codes as shown in Ref #3



Clicking this button will clear in the input fields and reposition the list to the first alphabetical Level Code



Returns to the main Location Matrix list


Level Code Checkbox

This indicates that this location checked will be included in the next Build operation. For example; when creating a matrix where Building 3 has only Floor 1 and Rooms 1-5 you can check those permutations across the levels and only those combinations will be built as valid location associations. You can then go in and check another series of levels to do another build. Note: this might be easier than building every permutation and then going into Level Relationship Maintenance and deleting those that don’t exist.

Level Code Action Links

These hyper-links perform the following functions (click each one to jump to that section)



Changes properties for that location (Description and Capacity)


Deletes the location from that level

Check / Uncheck

Pre-fills all checkboxes with ‘check’ value or clears all location checkboxes


Apply Selection

Writes all the checkbox values above to the database



Returns to the main Location Matrix list



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