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Add Level Relationship

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Add Inventory level Relationship

This function is called when the Add/Create button is selected from the main Level Relationship list. Inventory Level Relationship screen allows the user to view the relationship between defined locations as well as create new relationships on the fly using the location levels defined in the Object maintenance Location Setup. Note that this is here for ad-hoc maintenance only, you should be using the ‘build’ feature of Location Setup to automate the creation of level relationships as much as possible. 

Click the [Add/Create] button after selecting Location Level combination from the dropdowns as shown in Figure IM2. Note that if the combination does not exist it will be displayed in the list and thus it can be created. After clicking the [Add/Create] button on screen IM2, screen IM3 will be displayed confirming the add request. From there click the [Submit] button that will add the level relationship and bring you back to the main list as shown in Figure IM4.

Delete: – Clicking the Delete Action Link removes that instance of the Level Relationship. It will prompt for a Yes/No confirmation before deleting.

Primary Location and Levels

The selected levels for the Add/Create operation



Creates the new level Relationship as selected in the Dropdowns and returns to the main Level Relationship list.



Cancels the Add/Create Operation


Primary Location and Levels

The currently selected levels for the Add/Create operation



Enables a further search on any changes to the Level Dropdowns



Enables creating of new Level Relationship from scratch



Clicking this button will clear all the dropdown selections and refresh the page



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