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Add Inventory Locations to Count Session

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Add Inventory Locations to Physical Count Session - Manual Mode


This is Step #2 of the process that basically adds all the inventory locations to the Session count created in Step #1.

Session ID

Session identifier typically it can represent the location and the date as shown in example


Session Description

Description about the session which is viewed in many areas of TagNet


Device ID

Not applicable for a manual count session as there can be multiple devices used in count


Created Timestamp

The date and time the Count Session was created


Session Comment

This is optional however enter any additional information about the count that can be used to further describe the nature of the count


Number of Tags

The total number of tags based on the [Log] or [Synchronize] option. Note this will not appear until the [Synchronize] step is performed.



The Count Session Status


Count Location

Select values from the Dropdown to add an Inventory Location that is to be counted in this Session. Note because only a single location can be counted with this method, a default location needs to be specified so that if any tags from other locations are counted they will be moved to this location.


Selected Count Inventory Location

This list shows all the Inventory locations that have been added to the count session



Enables adding the Inventory locations to selected Count Session (click Add button below to jump to that section)



Adds the actual count logging to selected Count Session (click Log button below to jump to that section)



Synchronizes all inventory for the locations added in step #8. (click Synchronize button below to jump to that section)



Commits the physical counts to perpetual inventory (click Synchronize button below to jump to that section)



Returns back to the main PI Maintenance page


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