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Binding Function



Binding ID



Binding Description

Fixed Reader Physical Inventory



This Binding is used for initiating a 'Full' inventory count of a given RFID enabled Cabinet based on a trigger event (i.e. door is closed). When evoked it compares the tags it sees to the perpetual inventory location of that Cabinet location. It calculates the delta (+ or -) then posts transaction adjustments if inventory was added, removed (or both). The inventory difference can be integrated with external systems by means of the the Endpoint post feature.



Collects whatever tags are seen during a read event cycle from a given cabinet and performs the following logic:

If detected, a new tag is moved to the read point location specified in Read Point Maintenance. Missing tag will be subjected to an IMOVE rule and if none present will look for a PI_TRANSFER entry. Sends out email notification if IMOVE has [EMAIL] keyword anywhere in description.

If the cabinet door is opened before read cycle is completed (trigger event is received), the Inventory process can be canceled as the count accuracy could be compromised. This is a setting at the reader level (Advanced Settings).

Employee badge can be captured during event cycle.

Emptied tags from read point location will generate inventory transactions

Event Payload delta can be integrated to other systems by means of the Endpoint post directive

Resolves each tag to its mapped object attributes (Product or Asset) and pushes them in real time to the PEV display Client.

Supports full GPIO script as a result of standard MATCH / NOMATCH / NOTAG variables.

Supports all Filter keywords (including *RSSI, *PRODTYPE, *ANTENNA)

Supports Binding Email Exceptions



None identified

Files Updated

RFDLOCIN, RFDLOCIH (Insert), RFDTAGVS (tag last seen by Location/Reader/Ant), RFDTAGPR (tag last seen globally),



Program Name

URI set to RFDFULL. Optionally the URI can include the endpoint location of Endpoint Post option selected.

Binding Setup

IP Address & URI

If not using the EndPoint option the IP address would be LOCALHOST and the URI be 'RFDFULL'.


Binding Properties

Email Notification

The email address to send binding specific alerts. Note: This overrides the default SMTP Recipient value under System Settings


Inventory Movement Rules

In the example below, the Inventory Movement rules are set to *RESULTSET (along with Log Result Set) which is used if Dwell is specified. Refer to the the Binding Change for detailed explanations of each directive.


Endpoint Post

Specifies whether the calculated inventory delta should be send to an HTTP endpoint (for integration purposes). Must specify IP Address and URI to implement.  Refer to the XML details below. ** this feature superseded with trigger on LOCIH to update EF.



The below XML is sent to the Endpoint listener



XML Schema



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


 <InventoryAdjustments LocationID="CAB1" Alias="100" ReaderID="CAB1-RDR">

   <InventoryAdjustment TagID="12345" ItemID="100" Level1="ELLSWORTH" Level2="CUST1" Level3="CAB1" Level4="" Level5="" RRN="500,501"/>

 <InventoryAdjustment TagID="12346" ItemID="200" Level1="ELLSWORTH" Level2="CUST1" Level3="CAB1" Level4="" Level5="" RRN="502,503" />

 <InventoryAdjustment TagID="12347" ItemID="200" Level1="ELLSWORTH" Level2="CUST1" Level3="CONSUMED" Level4="" Level5="" RRN="504,505" />





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