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IMOVE Events

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IMOVE Events


The purpose of this Inquiry is to allow you to view IMOVE requests that are associated with a ZONE based on the EF endpoint /ef/api/v2/imove.  This is mostly a diagnostic tool to evaluate that the Zones and IMOVE rules are setup correctly in complex environments. These logging is enabled in IMOVE API Settings and written to table EF.ImoveEvent.

Log Time

The Timestamp when the IMOVE event was logged


Tag ID

The TagID associated with IMOVE event


Location ID

The Reader Location associated with IMOVE event


Reader ID

The Physical Reader associated with IMOVE event


Zone Name

The Reader/Antenna Zone associated with IMOVE event


Movement Rule

The Movement Rule (if found) associated with IMOVE event


Move Status

The result of the IMOVE attempt. the message 'NoMoveAttempted' typically indicates that the TagID was already in the location.


Action Links

These hyperlinks perform the following functions:



Enables inquiry mode only of the IMOVE event


Enables delete mode of the IMOVE event

Search TagID

A TagID (or portion thereof) can be entered to search for events that match that TagID string.



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