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Outbound Transactions

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Outbound Transactions


This section details the functionality and setup of the Extension Framework Outbound Transaction Queue. This is a module that enables RFID generated inventory transactions to be pushed to external HTTP endpoints based on the source and target locations of the inventory movement. As of version the system will generate XML and JSON documents containing transactional information (RFID tag ID, locations, quantities, etc.) that can be transformed using custom XSL stylesheets for requests and responses.  Shown below is a pictorial of that workflow and the detail steps below that:



Below are details on the data flow steps above:

1. RFID inventory transactions are generated by RFID readers (fixed or SRC remote), RFID enabled Handhelds, or manual item location maintenance.

2. TagNet manages these readers and requests using its Reader Management and Filtering & Collection engine.

3. Inventory movements are generated based on the reader setup, bindings, and movement rules configured in TagNet.

4. A trigger intercepts the RFID generated transactions and inserts them into the Extension Framework Outbound Queue Table (in addition to the TagNet transaction history). This can be setup to only queue certain inventory levels, item types, or other tag linked attributes.

5. The Outbound Transaction Queue table is processed, comparing the inventory transactions to the Outbound Transactions Rules table. Rules are evaluated using the source and target location linked with the transaction. For example, rules can be setup to match movements if an RFID tag moves from location A to location B, or a different rule can be setup to handle moves from location B to location C. For each rule, a custom endpoint can be defined.

6. Any transactions that have a matching rule are then posted to an external HTTP endpoint using the linked Outbound Transaction Endpoint for the Outbound Transaction Rule.



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