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RFDPURD - Purge Data

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Binding Function



Binding ID



Binding Description

Purge Transactional Data using SQL Stored Procedure



This is a universal binding that is used to purge RFID logging and transactional Data from the TagNet Database. This is executed via scheduled tasks and can be run on a regular basis. The parameters to specify what data to purge and retention periods can be found here in Object Maintenance. This binding can also be referenced at the Physical Reader level whereas if the Reader Profile is deleted, it will purge any associated RFID logging.


Processes the file selections specified in Object Maintenance and purges the data:

This binding requires a SQL Stored Procedure being installed, see below on how to setup.

Supports Email Notification exceptions

This topic is also listed on the on the Stratum Support site


At this time it is recommended to use these features during non-production hours and ensure you have a quality backup strategy. If your logging tables exceed several million rows it is also recommended to purge these files in batches using dates/cutoff parameters listed below. Attempting to delete a large amount of logging data may result in extended locks on your TagNet database and/or filling up your SQL transaction logs

Files Updated

RFDLOCIH (Transaction History) and RFDLOHAR (Archive for RFDLOCIH -Insert only) ** Note that RFDLOCIN Inventory is NOT purged.

RFDPHLOG/RFDLOLOG (RFID Tag base logging) and associative RFDPHLGP/RFDPHLGT

RFDEPCEH (EPC Event History)

RFDSESPI/LOCPI (PI Count Sessions)




Program Name


Binding Setup




Binding Properties

Email Notification

The email address to send binding specific alerts. Note: This overrides the default SMTP Recipient value under System Settings



Instructions on how to install and setup the SQL Stored Procedure:


Installing the SQL Stored Procedure


Step #1 - Click here to download the [TagNet Purge Stored Procedure.sql]


Step #2 - Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

1.Expand the selected Database [TAGNET] / Programmability / Stored Procedures

2.Right-click on Stored Procedure and then Stored Procedure... in menu

3.Click on Edit / Select All and delete all the lines

4.Double click the [TagNet Purge Stored Procedure.sql] downloaded in step #1 and copy & paste the SQL script. Change ALTER PROCEDURE to CREATE PROCEDURE if stored procedure is new.

5.To save the script (optional), click on File / Save As TagNet Purge Stored Procedure.sql

6.To create the stored procedure, click on Query / Execute

7.Refresh the Stored Procedures, it should look like the below screenshot.



Step #3 - Click here to download the Purge History Audit File.sql

Once downloaded double click to open in SSMS and [Execute] to build


Step #4- Open Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager

1.Expand SQL Server Network Configuration. Click on Protocols for TAGNETSERVER

2.Right-click on TCP/IP and select Properties. Click on the IP Addresses tab

3.Scroll to IPAll and get the value for TCP Dynamic Ports. Use this to specify the SQL port.




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