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Reader Tag Counts

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Reader Tag Counts

This function enables you to see what Tags have been suspended from being scanned after reaching their maximum read count for the duration specified by a given physical reader. The Tag Count Duration and Tag Count Maximum are applied here to at the Reader level. Access Right Permissions for this function will allow your User Profile to Clear or Delete this logging otherwise nothing can be changed here other then viewing the number and specifics of Tag Count thresholds.

This feature is documented in greater depth in Support site Feature Notes


Reader ID

Select a Reader ID from from the dropdown list in order to view those tags that have been suspended.


Tag ID

Enter the number of days you want data to be retained. For example: if entering 120 days then 4 months of data will be kept from the current date and the rest (older than that date) will be purged


Reader / Tag Maximum Event

In the example below this tag was first scanned at 10:51:14 AM and all business events and activity logging happened normally. At 10:51:25 AM the tag ID was scanned a second time. This triggered a System Log entry and an alert email, and no business events or activity logging. Since then, the tag ID was scanned 3 more times and no alerts, business logic, or activity logging occurred. The Tag Count was just incremented. The tag will basically be ignored at this reader until 07/07/23 at 10:51:14 AM (this duration is configured in your reader settings).



Use this button to search for a given TagID string you have entered above


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