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EPC Translation

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Change an Event Filter Definition


The purpose of this utility function is to allow you to generate an EPC number based on the required input elements to verify against what is encoded on Smart Labels. It also enables you to commission that encoded EPC to a given Tag. Shown below in Figure N1 is an example of a conversion of a serialized GTIN (SGTIN):


EPC Element

A Dropdown list of numbering schemes to convert; SGTIN 96-bit, SSCC 96-bit , or SGLN 96-bit


Filter Value

This is also is referred to as the ‘Object Type’ which is a number that relates to a packaging type (e.g. Case, Pallet, tote, etc.)



A UPC number is 13 characters long and consists of a Company Prefix and an Item reference. This number indicates where, within those 13 digits, the company prefix ends and the Item reference begins. For example a Partition Value of 5 indicates a 7 digit Company Prefix and a 6 Digit Item Reference (the most common in the U.S.) While a Partition Value of 4 indicates an 8 digit Company Prefix and a 5 Digit Item Reference.


Company Prefix

The current UCC Company prefix assigned to your organization (a.k.a. EPC Manager Number).


Item Reference

The Item Reference of the GTIN number


Serial Number

The serial number given to this EPC which makes it unique in the supply chain



Generates the EPC number from the values input above


EPC Number

The generated EPC number in digits from the above values


EPC Hex Value

The actual EPC number (in Hex) generated that is encoded onto smart labels by a given labeling software package. This number can be compared with those read and stored in TagNet’s EPC event history file.


Tag Reader ID

A dropdown of all Physical Reader profiles in TagNet so that one may be chosen. Selecting the [Write EPC to Tag] button takes the encoded EPC Hex value generated above and writes it (Commissions) to any tag(s) present in front of that Reader’s antennas. Note: as of TagNet v4.2, the following Readers support this feature; Omron, Motorola, ThingMagic and Impinj. Check with your Stratum Global representative for any updates to the list.


Write EPC to Tag

This generates the EPC number from the values input



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