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EPC Event History

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EPC Event History

The Inquiry function enables viewing of outbound EPC specific event history tied together with your Customer Order information. Its use is essentially driven around EPCglobal Compliancy so that a Supplier can provide a tight audit trail of all outbound tagged pallets or cases to a given Customer. This is a two step process; 1) as smart labels are produced the calling program will update the event history with the EPC#, Order#, time/date commissioned and other relevant data. Step 2) a portal would be setup in the shipping area or dock door and as tagged product is shipped; the tag’s EPC number will be validated against the event history and updated with the ship time and date as well as the logical Reader ID. This provides irrefutable proof that the tag is 100% readable on its way out the door to your EPCglobal requesting Customer. Shown Figure H1 is a sample screen of data:

Portal ID

The Logical Reader location that you want to filter on


Commission Date & Time

The Date & Time  you want to optionally filter on in MM/DD/YY format


EPC Number

Some or all of the EPC HEX that you want to position to



This initiates a search based the filters entered above. If no filters are entered then the event history will be displayed in EPC order.



Clears all filter values and restarts the search


Event History Record

Order Number: – The Order Number associated with this event

EPC Number: – The EPC Number that the Event is related to (e.g. a case SGTIN)

Object Information: – This includes a block of attributes within this column.

Container ID: – The Container ID that the EPC number is a part of. (I.E a Pallet SSCC number that the EPC number is associated with)

Commission Date & Time: – This is the date and time the EPC number was made known to the system

Ship Verify Date & Time: – This is the date and time the Tag passed through a portal triggering the event

This is the name of the portal the event occurred at



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