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Asset Master Settings

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Asset Master Settings

This function enables settings related to creating assets where existing legacy naming conventions don't exist.


Auto Generate Asset

Specifying *YES will auto generate the unique Asset ID in conjunction with Prefix and Length below. The next Asset ID is calculated from the last one found in the Asset Master (e.g. if last last was CA44877 then the next one added will be CA44878)


Asset Prefix

Specify the desired Asset ID prefix when auto generate feature s used (e.g. CA = Capital Asset, MT= Metrology Asset, etc.). Note: this is not required by is a best practice.


Asset Length

Specify the desired Asset ID length when auto generate feature is used. Note: the maximum length of an Asset ID is (20) chars.


Check Base Item/Serial Number

This validates that the Serial Number is unique within the same Base Reference Item


Protect Tag ID

Specifying *YES will protect the TagID from being changed in CHANGE mode.  Note: this is done to protect the referential integrity of the tag mapping to the Asset. This is done via a controlled Tag Commissioning/Mapping process and changing it manually requires in depth knowledge of the TagNet system.


Change Asset Location

Specifying *YES will enable manually changing the current location of the Asset ID in CHANGE mode. Note: this will create an inventory transaction so their is an audit trail.


Template ID

This enables specific Templates that affect the Asset Import logic (see Binding RFDIAST). [Auto Generate Base Item] selection will auto generate the Base Item based on the Brand & ERP values. See Import Asset Data into TagNet for more about this subject.


Base Item Prefix

Specify the desired Base Item prefix when auto generate template feature is used (e.g. BI = Base Item)


Base Item Length

Specify the desired Base Item length when auto generate template feature is used. Note: the maximum length of an Base Item ID is (14) chars.



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