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Binding Function



Binding ID



Binding Description

Imports Object Data



This is an data import Binding that is used to import customer Object data.  This includes Base Items. GTINS, Parts, Products, etc. as well as serialized asset data including Asset UDA's


This Binding function performs the following logic:

Processes the file path specified, validates the data and then produces an audit log with any errors

Can be executed directly from the Object Maintenance menu or run automatically at selected intervals using the Scheduled Task Manager

An example of the Import layout can be found here

NOTE: When importing Asset data 1:1 do not make the Asset ID and the Base Item the exact same value as this will cause issue with TagNet resolving to Object Type. For example if Asset ID = 'M-100245' make its corresponding Base Item identifier 'M100245' (no dash)

Import logic can be modified using Asset Import Templates defined in Asset Master Settings. As an example, the Asset referenced Base Item ID can be auto generated with a specified prefix and length using Template ID *AUTOGEN_BASEITEM. An example of the import sheet can be seen here with logic specifics below:

The [Item Brand Name] + [ERP Item] are concatenated together to make a match on TagNet Product Master, if a match is found then that BaseItem is used, if no match then a BaseItem (GTIN) will be created as below:

The logic to create the next Base Item (GTIN) will follow that of Asset ID using the System Settings. That is, it looks at the last one issued in Asset Master (of that prefix) and adds one. If none exists it starts at XX0000001

Action column not required if ADD or UPD.  If the Asset ID exists its an update, else is an Add.  Only if the asset needs to be specifically deleted is action column required using DLT action code.

The Short name and long description will default from ERP Item # (if values are blank). Example  'CISCO 1002' or 'DL 580' or 'HP BLC7000'. ** note that many Make/Model values start with Manf so it is redundant to include the Manf as well in description.

The UCCITMGTN column is not req'd as the import will always include base Item info so it is redundant.



In order to be run from the Object Maintenance menu the Binding function must be name exactly as shown

Files Updated


Program Name


Binding Setup

Binding Properties


File to Process

Processes the file path specified, renames & archives. Below is an example, refer to the the Binding Change for detailed explanations of each directive.



Import Asset Data Example Layout (Standard)


Import Asset Data Example Layout (Using Template)



Delete Assets via standard Import Layout using (DLT) action


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