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Binding Function



Binding ID



Binding Description

Monsanto/Bayer (FDA Seed Compliancy)



This Binding validates tags seen at a portal to ensure they match the Zone Category of where they are being moved to. The Binding uses GPIO script and ADAM I/O controller to turn on certain stack light conditions including alarm modules. 


Collects whatever tags are seen during a read event cycle at a given RFID portal and performs the following logic:

Each counting zone is an Inventory location within TagNet and the RFID portals into each (both ingress and egress) are associated with the current seed category enforcing that zone. A clearly marked ‘Zone Tag’ is placed inside the RFID portal enclosure that is associated with the category of that zone (e.g. 2, 3, 4, or 5). If an SU BID, Inv BID, or Plot BID tag is seen that has a category other than the one specified for that zone, TagNet will set off both visual and audible warnings from the attached stack light module.

The Zone tag is mapped to a GTIN (e.g. ZONE_2) that will be associated to given category (e.g .’Cat_2’, Cat_3, etc.). The Inventory Type = ‘Zone’ so that is how the logic picks out the Zone tag.  SU Bids are mapped to a GTIN of ‘SUxxxx’. Plot Bids are mapped to a GTIN of ‘PLOT_BID_x’.  Inv Bids are mapped to a GTIN of ‘INV_BID_x’. So basically any tag that is read (other the Zone tag) will have its category evaluated for compliance.

The Binding function must always pick up a Zone tag during a given read event cycle, if no zone tag is seen in the payload (or more than one zone tag is seen) then AUX1 RCL condition is turned on.

There are (3) light conditions + one alarm module.  Green = Schedule running/(MATCH will Flash).  Amber= No Zone tag or more than one seen (AUX1).  Red = at least one tag in the event payload did not match the category of the Zone tag (NOMATCH).

DRO needs to be enabled so as not to delay the read event cycle with output light conditions dwell.

Processes IMOVE rules is so specified in Binding properties and automatically transfers inventory from location A to Location B.

When reading a parent SU Box tag with children, the child tags will be moved with the parent tag

Supports full GPIO script as a result of standard MATCH / NOMATCH / ERROR / NOTAG variables.

Resolves each tag to its mapped object attributes (Product, Asset, or Person) and pushes them in real time to the PEV display Client.





 Because the Location tag at each portal is being read continuously, this will increase the logging dramatically. PHLOG purges are highly recommended on a weekly basis

Files Updated


Program Name


Binding Setup

Binding Properties

Email Notification

The email address to send binding specific alerts. Note: This overrides the default SMTP Recipient value under System Settings


Dwell Time

Dwell time prevents the tag from being included in the web service request when seen again at the same gate when vehicle dwells there.  Refer to the the Binding Change for detailed explanations of this directive.


Inventory Movement Rules

In the example below, the Inventory Movement rules are set to *RESULTSET (along with Log Result Set) which is used if Dwell is specified. Refer to the the Binding Change for detailed explanations of each directive.



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