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Installing SRC on Windows

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Installing the SRC on Windows

Provisioning Your TagNet System

Prior to installation of the SRC you need to provision your TagNet server. This involves creating the necessary reader profiles so that the SRC can immediately sync with the server and start reading tags.  At a minimum, a Physical Reader and Logical Reader profile must be created that is used to create the SRC Core Instance (Refer to the QuickStart section on how to do that). Note that the schedule needs to be set to 'Manual'

Now create your SRC Instance referencing those reader profiles and when the SRC is installed, the final completion is to link that Core Instance to your Smart Reader Client profile that is auto created with the Windows machine identifier. Refer to the Video tutorial below for a complete end-to-end picture of the install process.

Things You Will Need

1.A Windows 7/8/10 client machine and the Windows Smart Reader Client (SRC). The Latest SRC Bundle can be downloaded from the Stratum support page found here.

2. Web access to your TagNet Server instance.

3.Remote access to the SRC host machine via RDP or a keyboard and mouse connected to the device.

4.Access to an SRC supported RFID reader and GPIO device (if required)


Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

If you have issues in accessing the video thumbnail below the Video can be accessed at our Support Site here.

1.Installing SRC on your Client Device and TagNet Server Setup




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