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Returns Dialogue in Event Viewer

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Return Action

This below shows the dialogue box when the Return action is selected (when enabled in the Event Viewer). This feature enables returning inventory to be scanned at a read point (e.g. Returns Bench) and then user specifying what qty of that tag was returned as opposed to what qty was consumed in the field (e.g. Parts Trailer). The qty split that is returned/issued can be sent to the Outbound Transaction Queue for furtherance to an external system (e.g. SAP)

Tag ID

The TagID scanned into the Event Viewer


Item Number

The [Item_Number] UDA associated with the TagID


Current Location

The current TagNet Inventory location of that TagID


Expected Quantity

The current quantity associated with the TagID


Enter Actual Item Quantity

Input box to specify the actual inventory qty associated with returned tag. Optionally, if the value is zero, the [Set to 0] button can be used to speed things up.



Submits the Return action.



Closes the dialogue box and no action is taken.


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