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Event Subscription

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Tag Event Subscriptions


The purpose of this function is to allow you to define activity schedules by Logical Reader Location. All Logical Readers that have been defined in the Reader Management Module will display here in the list ready for further configuration and that is to create the final Event Subscription. Quick steps to configure are as follows:

1.Create a Schedule  ** mandatory

2.Create a Binding association  ** Optional 

3.Create your Reader Scripts  ** mandatory

4.Start the Event Monitor

5.Look at the Tag Activity

Figure E1.  Tag Event Subscription

Subscription Type

This dropdown either selects the Event Subscription list or the Scheduled Tasks

Position to

Entering a beginning search value and pressing [Search] will position the list to those readers alphabetically


Event Monitor

This button starts the Event Monitor Job that will manage the starting and stopping of reader schedules as configured. Note: if you have setup many schedules for testing purposes, ensure that the status is set to 'Manual or ‘Inactive’ or the monitor will kick-off many unnecessary jobs that could slow down the Server.



Refreshes the page and clears any search criteria


Next Page

Proceeds to the next page of Readers


Logical Reader Profile

The Logical Reader location profile assigned in the Reader Management Module

Action Links

These hyperlinks perform the following functions for each Logical Reader Profile



Drills down to the Reader Schedules


Drills down to the Reader Schedule Bindings


Drills down to the Physical Reader Scripts


Drills down to the Schedule Tag Activity Logging


Releases the Reader Schedule






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