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Tag Event Activity (Logs)


The purpose of this function is to allow you to view the Tag Event activity for a given subscription. This first page lists all the schedule durations as shown starting with the most recent one. Each schedule can be drilled down on to see the specific Tag Events.

Reader Location

The Reader Location and Description


Log Date & Time

The date & time the activity log was initiated



The duration of the schedule. Even though a reader schedule may be running 24/7 this duration 'partitions' tag event activity for ease of reporting as well as a trigger to execute asynchronous bindings


End Date & Time

The date & time the activity log is/was scheduled to end


Error Condition

Any errors related to that schedule time period will be displayed here. Below is an example of reader that cannot be contacted on the network.


Activity Details

Clicking the Select link will display all the tag read events for the schedule period.  Click here to to view a variation of Activity Details when where IP camera has been enabled


Next Page & Refresh

Clicking [Next] proceeds to the next page and [Refresh] repositions to page 1 and refreshes with any new schedule activity



Returns back to the main subscription list










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