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Asset Print Settings

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Asset Printing Settings

This function enables changing/updating of Master Asset print settings as described below: 

Default Printer

If enabled via checkbox, all Asset SmartLabel printing will use the printer specified here. Note that these are SERVER based printers, and not from your local machine.


Default Location

If enabled via checkbox. all Asset SmartLabel printing/commissioning will use the default location specified here. Users will not be able to override this a print time. The exception is the printing of location tags, as they will always be printed to mapped inventory location.  If left unchecked, then users can select their desired default location in the Asset Print runtime settings.


Asset Tag Counter

The next TagID (or EPC) as setup in the TagID Counter function


Location Lookup

The Primary (1st level) of the Inventory Location used for lookup during asset printing. If Location Lookup is enabled by the user, the primary Location specified here will be used to filter an entered (or scanned) value with the last location level in the matrix. This enables a user to dynamically change the the target inventory location 'on-the-fly' when printing/commissioning Asset Tags. If left blank then no filter is used and any match on the last level (for any Primary) will be selected.


Asset Label Format

The current Bartender label format selected for asset printing. This defines the label layout as well as embedded scripts that update TagNet at print time. 


Bartender Label

This uploads a barTender .btw file to the \TagNet Extension Framework\EF Web\Labels folder and then is accessible in the Asset Label dropdown above.



This buttons saves the settings.


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